Pre-Seed NFT Gaming Concept

PAWGZ_io: (Particularly Astute Working Gamerz) An interactive 3D NFT game experience. Building on Unreal Engine to create a safe and secure “playful-to-earn” virtual realm. Working Gurlz, & Guys, & Nonbinary, ALL genders and ALL pronouns. Every shape color and size. Love is love. WAGMI!

wALLgmi! Left | Right. White, Black, Blue, Green, Purple, & the Rainbow Family of love and life across the globe.

Peace & Love. DEFENSE>offense. Stay Calm and Peace will prevail. Love thy neighbor and be good to each other. WAGMI!

-0g (Waz Here)

“Poison PAWGz” by v2 coming soon!
Ø̽͑̿Ḽ̓͊͐ḏ̀͛̽Ḡ̈́̿͝r͋̚͠á̕n̐pa Garage NFT includes between 50-100 BILLION $RK ( for PAWGZ gaming arkade.

STURGEON GENERAL WARNING: PAWGz is an Adult VR/NFT game in pre-seed stage. W Stands For WORK. Labor is the fabric of society. Put it in and WAGMI! Peace and LOVE!

Mint now! and receive NFT + $RK ( gaming tokens:
(Please note: this game is a pre-seed concept)
Email: for details and updates.


President & CEO: Ø̽͑̿Ḽ̓͊͐ḏ̀͛̽Ḡ̈́̿͝r͋̚͠á̕n̐pa

& ( Gaming Specialist)

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